Born to lead

Oxford Public School started functioning in the year 1996 and since then the school has made good progress in every sphere of its activity. The school strives to provide education on modern lines, in a supportive and cheerful environment invigorating the children in attaining the individual objective. The experiences provided at the school level can have a more lasting impact in moulding a child's personality. Hence, besides aiming to achieve academic excellence, we provide our students with every opportunity for their all-round development.

In the present world of new challenges and responsibility, the pace of progress must be faster than that of the last. In order to keep abreast with the rest of the world, to maintain the speed of progress, we strive hard to produce better doctors,

scientists, engineers and above all, good human beings who care for all and tolerate each other.

Moreover, we join hands with parents and shoulder the entire responsibility so that the edifice of adulthood is erected on a solid foundation.

The years gone by, have seen the school cross many a milestone and we finally believe that it will spread human values and guide the destiny of the coming generations to serve in a better way.

The Oxfordians are born to lead!

Rashmi Bakshi
Vice Principal

Oxford Mobile