Admission Information


1. Admission is granted strictly on the basis of merit.

2. Registration forms for admission are available on the School website: www.oxford and in the school office counter.

3. Students seeking an admission in Oxford Public School have to mandatorily appear for a written test, followed by an interaction with parents and students.

4. Syllabus for the written test is provided along with the registration forms, available in the school office counter, as well as on the school website.

5. Any canvassing or lobbying for admission would tantamount to obstructing the smooth functioning of the School, and would nullify the candidature of the student.

6. The School reserves the right of admission at its own discretion.

7. If any information/declaration given by the parents/students, proves to be false, the candidature of the student may be cancelled at any stage, and full fee for the ongoing academic session has to be paid.


1. A written information/application must be provided if parents wish to withdraw their ward(s) from the School.

2. Full fee for the remaining months of the ongoing academic session including the bus fee has to be paid if the parents wish to withdraw their ward (s) from the school.

3. Transfer certificate (TC) is issued only when all the dues of the school are settled along with the TC fees.

4. Before the beginning of the new session, in case a student has to be withdrawn, application for TC must be submitted by 20th March of the current session failing which, the full fee for the next session will be charged.


A student can be rusticated on any of the following grounds:

* Not adhering to the code of conduct as mentioned in the Almanac.
* Indulging in indisciplinary activities.
* Irregular attendance.
* Verbal and/or physical abuse to any student and/or staff.
* Vandalising School Property.
* Immoral conduct.
* Unsatisfactory progress in scholastic and co- scholastic.
* activities Failing for two consecutive years in the same class.