1. Keeping in view the need to develop the individual holistically, students are encouraged to exploit their latent skills in areas of music, dance, drama, intellectual pursuits, writing and painting. These activities form an integral part of the curriculum, thus fostering a healthy culture among the students.
2. Activities like seminars, expositions, presentations, field trips, meets and other related events form a regular feature of the school life.
3. To foster qualities of Team Spirit, Self Confidence, Cooperation and the spirit of Emulation, the school has introduced the 'HOUSE SYSTEM' wherein the students are divided into four Houses namely Byron, Eliot, Shakespeare and Keats. House activities are supervised by the teachers who take over as HOUSE MASTERS and HOUSE MISTRESSES while other activities are taken care of by the HOUSE CAPTAINS and VICE-CAPTAINS respectively.
4. Hobby Classes - Yoga, Aerobics, Band, Art & Craft, Music And Dance classes are held for the students at all levels.