Quality Classroom Management

The term 'Quality' implies the degree of excellence in a thing but when it comes to education, we think about the quality of instruction to our students, which helps them excel in life. Quality education starts from Quality Classroom Management. It is a technique and trick to give instruction in such a way that the classroom is innovative, informative, interesting and insightful to provide knowledge and wisdom. It depends upon our teachers, students, traits, teaching techniques and a conducive learning environment. Quality Classroom Management (QCM) mainly depends on core management where the total quality of classroom management is possible with multiple objectives - Contents, Concept, Communication, Character, Counselling, Competence, Evaluation and Intelligence, i. e. Linguistic or Word Smart, Spatial or Picture Smart, Bodily Kinesthetic or Body Smart, Intra Personal or People Smart and Naturalist or Nature Smart. At Oxford, no child is 'under achiever' or 'weak'. Teachers are always ready to search the unique needs, interests, beliefs, expectations and abilities of the child and they willingly come forward to guide and counsel the students for their all-round development.

Beyond the chalk-and talk method, teachers use unique alternative methods to instil understanding in each child and every child feels that school is an extension of his/her home where he/she can express his/her views without hesitation to develop his/her personality in a desired direction. Our main motto is to 'RISE AND SHINE'. The actual QCM is followed only at Oxford.